Es cendol or es dawet is a typical Indonesian drink which mainly consists of the following components:

  1. sugar
  2. coconut milk
  3. cendol grains
  4. ice

The name "es cendol" is taken from its contents, namely cendol grains which in Javanese means "appears bubbling", because the cendol grains in the process from dough in the form of porridge when passed through a hole produce bubbles. Regarding the introduction of es cendol or es dawet, it was mainly introduced by the Javanese overseas community. Other people know it after buying or enjoying ice cendol treats and agree that es cendol is one of the delicious drinks.

In its development, people's creations make other nuances occur in es cendol culinary, especially with the addition of contents or flavors. Thus, the original version of the ice cendol concoction is known as original es cendol or original es cendol. Es cendol deDari itself has a variety of flavors of jackfruit (es cendol jackfruit deDari) and durian (es cendol durian deDari). In addition, deDari Kuliner presents special creations that combine with Balinese culinary es daluman to produce es cendol daluman deDari. Es cendol daluman deDari also has a variant of jackfruit flavor (ice cendol daluman jackfruit deDari) and durian (ice cendol daluman durian deDari).